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Owl Piggy Banks

Entrust your savings to the wisdom of an owl with an owl piggy bank. Owls have long been associated with wisdom in western society going right back to ancient Greece. The association with wisdom has seen the owl become a common model for piggy banks / coin banks.

While there are a great range of owl piggy banks designed specifically for children, there are some beautiful vintage and antique owl piggy banks around. An interesting owl piggy bank is this J.e. Stephens owl bank which can go for hundreds of dollars at auctions.
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Building a deck on a budget

I am currently building a deck on a budget, and discovered an excellent web based application to help at I tried a couple of these calculators but this one stood out by far. The range of details you can enter is extensive, including things such as the distance between joists, whether the stumps are round or square and how thick the decking board is. The most impressive thing about this deck calculator is that as you change details and hit calculate, it creates technical drawings of your deck. With this feature you can you can immediately see how a particular choice, such as housing a bearer into a stump, will change the design. The drawings are very clear with a view from directly above the deck and with a cross-sectional view.
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Silver Piggy Bank

Silver piggy bankSilver piggy banks have the advantage of being more decorative than a plastic piggy bank, while being less breakable than a ceramic piggy bank. This makes them ideal as a gift for a baby or toddler. Another great feature of a silver piggy bank is that it can be engraved making silver piggy banks a good gift for christenings or baby showers. If you do wish to engrave a silver piggy bank, you will have to find an engraver who is happy to work with curved surfaces or look for one that has a flat part designed to be engraved. Due to silver’s higher cost, silver piggy banks do tend to be more expensive or smaller so, if buying online check the size.
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Ceramic Piggy Bank

Ceramic Piggy Bank for Kids
The classic ceramic piggy bank is timeless as both a decorative piece and a functional item. They make a great christening present and can become a keepsake in which special memories are invested. Granted a ceramic piggy bank can be fragile, so children will need to be taught how to take care of it – but for kids that can even become part of the charm. Carefully taking it down from the shelf with their parents to insert a coin in to it can have a certain ritual about it. Ritual can be there for adults as well.
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