About Piggy Bank Budget

Little businessman checking the budgetFrom the outset, I want to say the decisions I make are not always driven purely by what is best for the budget. There are some strong stereotypes about people who keep a careful budget as being pretty boring, tight and so on. I want to be happy. I want to enjoy time with my children before they grow up. I want to have a rich social life, engage in memorable experiences and make progress in my favourite hobbies.

For me, budgeting is all about informing choices about money by knowing the opportunity cost of making one decision over another. I do love spreadsheets and and they are a great tool for weighing up these budgeting choices.

Through this site I will share some of the spreadsheets I develop to help with such choices in the form of budget templates, tools and calculators. Along with that, I’ll throw in my ponderings and observations on budgeting and saving.

Excel budget templates you will find here will include everything from the most simple budget template for household budgeting, through to more complex tools for making particular decisions, such as budget for a car calculator.

Happy budgeting!