Mobile apps for rewards cards

In April 2017, I wrote an article about photographing rewards cards for store loyalty programs and keeping the photos on my phone to save carrying them around in my phone wallet. As I used my photographed cards more frequently I found they did not always scan properly at the checkouts. I found it a bit inconvenient to have to navigate my phone’s photo gallery to find the relevant reward card.

Good news – there’s an app for that! I downloaded an app called Stocard, which was the first reward card app that came up in the app store. Getting my cards into the app was quick.

The app provided a list of Australian store loyalty programs with rewards cards including the popular Flybuys and Woolworths Rewards cards. I just selected these and scanned the relevant card. The app generates the barcode, which is more accurate than having photos on my phone and avoids misreads. While my climbing club card was not already in the Stocard app, it was easy to create a custom card in the app for it.

Since installing the app, I’ve scanned a rewards card in a number places and it was quick and successful each time. I haven’t tried other similar apps, but I’m sure there are other good ones out there. While the app automatically detected that I was in Australia, there is an option to choose other countries to get a list of local rewards cards. I activated the ‘Stocard Card Assistant’ which provides the relevant card to be accessed from a lock screen when you are in a store.

The app does have an ‘offers’ section, which includes store catalogues and special deals. I haven’t used these myself, but if you were savvy about it perhaps you could use it to reduce your grocery bill. There is a danger that you might end up buying things on special that you do not need if you are not careful.

With the increased take-up of tap-and-pay apps like Apple Pay, no one blinks twice when I pull my phone out to scan a store loyalty program card. Using the app, I’ve avoided having four cards in my wallet. If I think back, there are store loyalty program cards that I have chosen not to keep in the past. With this app, I can easily take advantage of store loyalty programs.