Is it worth getting a mobile phone case?

I don’t remember anyone ever having a mobile phone case for the classic Nokia 3310 mobile phone back in the nineties. Nor did I feel like I ever needed one for mine. They were so tough. I was always dropping it and gee it took some punishment. I held on to my old Nokia a lot longer than most. One time when a colleague was making a bit of fun of how outdated my phone was, I suggested that we both drop our phones from chest height and see which one survives. My colleague wisely declined this challenge. Despite all the fancy new features of my friend’s phone, there was just no doubt that it was not as tough as the old Nokia. It’s fair to say that most phones on the market these days are fragile creatures, and if you’re clumsy like me, spending some money on a case could be better for the budget than replacing phones.  

I think the calculation we all run in our heads about whether to buy a case or not factors in how cool the phone looks without a case, how optimistic we are about not dropping it, the bulkiness of cases, the cost of the case and the value of the phone. I’ve done it. I bought a phone after accidentally water damaging the previous one in outdoors, water related foolishness and optimistically, decided to run the risk of no case. I had the phone for about six months I reckon before it met an untimely end smashing against the bathroom floor. I didn’t have a drop of alcohol in me when it happened either.Mobile phone case - better for the budget in the long run!

Recently a friend of mine had a similar experience when she bought a Samsung Galaxy s7. They have those cool screens that seem to go over the edge of the phone. She said she was a bit suspicious of the sales assistant trying to get the add-on sale with the case, and was reasonably confident that she wouldn’t be dropping it anyway. Unfortunately, two weeks later her phone had that all-to-common spiderweb of cracks flowing from the screen’s corner. Right at the beginning of her contract too – ouch! I got the impression she had a quite a few drops of alcohol in her when it happened, so at least she had an excuse!

For me the case for a case seems a no brainier. In my very unscientific observation, I can think of at least 4 phone breakages that have occurred within 12 months among my friends and family resulting from a drop. I’ll bet most adults have either done it or know someone who has. All these broken phones that need to be replaced are great for mobile phone manufacturers’ bottom lines no doubt, but not so great for the rest of us. I hate to think of all the extra dead mobile phones sitting in e-waste dumps too.

So for the sake of your budget, less e-waste, and for your pride – get a mobile phone case I reckon!