Wedding Budget

The free budget spreadsheet for download is a tool for managing the financial aspects of planning a wedding. I have designed it to be as simple to use as possible. You will need MS Excel. To get started, download the Wedding Budget and open it up. Upon opening the file, if prompted by excel you will need to enable macros.

The wedding budget is made up of the following two main worksheets:

(1) Wedding Budget Summary
Wedding Budget Summary

(2) Wedding Budget Data Entry
All data is entered in to the data entry worksheet, and the summary worksheet automatically organizes the information you enter into useful summarized information. To add an expense item, simply add a row to the table in the data entry worksheet, and fill out the relevant sections. Don’t touch the Total Costs column as this will calculate automatically based on other information you enter.

Some expense items for a wedding are fixed and other are per head or per attendee. By entering the number of attendees at the wedding into the data entry worksheet, all you need to do is add the cost per attendee in the table for each expense item and it will calculate automatically. You can change the number of attendees later and the total cost of an expense item will automatically recalculate.

As weddings can be expensive and often family helps out with money, the ‘payment by’ column in the data entry worksheet can be used to identify who is paying for each expense item. The summary worksheet contains a table that totals the amounts each party will pay. You can change or add people to the drop down list in the ‘payment by’ column through the ‘lists’ worksheet by adding them to column A.