Plastic piggy bank

Gir;'s plastic piggy bankPiggy banks are a novel way to teach kids about money and start them on a life time of saving for the things they want. The traditional ceramic piggy bank does have that one downside of being fragile and in the hands of a child such a piggy bank may have a short life. A plastic piggy bank does not have this issue. A plastic piggy bank, will withstand the wear and tear of a child’s play so parents can be more relaxed about letting them play with it. I have seen kids pulling their piggy bank down every week to count the money they have saved and with a plastic piggy bank, there is no need to watch them so they don’t break it. One review on amazon states the case for the plastic piggy bank well – “My daughter broke her ceramic piggy bank so we bought this one”.

One thing to watch which frequently comes up in reviews of plastic piggy banks is whether it is easy to get the money out of. They are sometimes made with a lip around the hole where the money comes out upon which coins catch. Another thing to look for is the size of a plastic piggy bank as some people report they can be a bit smaller than thought before ordering.

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