Simple Budget Template

In designing this budget template my goal was to keep it as simple to understand and use as possible. You will need Excel 2010. To get started, download the Simple Budget template and open the file. Upon opening the file, if prompted by excel you will need to enable macros to benefit from some of the automated functions.

The following two worksheets make up this budget:

(1) The summary worksheet
Simple Budget Template Summary

(2) The data entry worksheet
budget template data entry

To create a new income or expense item:
(1) In the data entry worksheet right click a row under either income or expense depending which you want to add, and then insert a new row.

(2) In the new row fill out the ‘Category’, ‘Item’, ‘Amount’ and ‘frequency in Weeks’ cells. There is no need to add anything to the $/week cell as excel will calculate this for you.

To edit an existing income or expense item, simply select the attribute you wish to change (i.e. ‘Amount’), in the data entry worksheet and amend as desired. To delete an item simply right click the row in the data entry worksheet and select delete.