Selling things locally online to reduce debt

This year, I am focused on getting out of debt. I have refreshed my budget and I have adopted a plan to clear my debt using a no interest balance transfer credit card. These things will get my debt down, but will take time. However, for some immediate debt relief, I have been decluttering and paying out some of my debt by selling things locally online using the Australian mobile app called Gumtree. Continue reading

Using a no interest balance transfer credit card to clear my debt

Like many people, I have built up some credit card debt. This happened partly due to some big, unplanned expenses and admittedly some unnecessary spending. To sort this out and clear my debt, I am using a no interest balance transfer credit card. There are some dangers with these, but read on and you will see I have a solid plan to avoid temptation and pitfalls. Continue reading

Mobile apps for rewards cards

In April 2017, I wrote an article about photographing rewards cards for store loyalty programs and keeping the photos on my phone to save carrying them around in my phone wallet. As I used my photographed cards more frequently I found they did not always scan properly at the checkouts. I found it a bit inconvenient to have to navigate my phone’s photo gallery to find the relevant reward card. Continue reading

Is it worth getting a mobile phone case?

I don’t remember anyone ever having a mobile phone case for the classic Nokia 3310 mobile phone back in the nineties. Nor did I feel like I ever needed one for mine. They were so tough. I was always dropping it and gee it took some punishment. I held on to my old Nokia a lot longer than most. One time when a colleague was making a bit of fun of how outdated my phone was, I suggested that we both drop our phones from chest height and see which one survives. My colleague wisely declined this challenge. Despite all the fancy new features of my friend’s phone, there was just no doubt that it was not as tough as the old Nokia. It’s fair to say that most phones on the market these days are fragile creatures, and if you’re clumsy like me, spending some money on a case could be better for the budget than replacing phones.  

Continue reading

Customer Loyalty cards and budgeting

Customer loyalty cards actually annoy me. I’d rather retailers just make things a bit cheaper. They don’t tend to work on me as the benefits aren’t usually enough for me to change my shopping habits. If swiping a loyalty card provides some small benefit though and I’m buying something anyway, I’d rather swipe and get the free whatever, even though it’s not really free and is built into the price. Continue reading