Is it worth getting a mobile phone case?

I don’t remember anyone ever having a mobile phone case for the classic Nokia 3310 mobile phone back in the nineties. Nor did I feel like I ever needed one for mine. They were so tough. I was always dropping it and gee it took some punishment. I held on to my old Nokia a lot longer than most. One time when a colleague was making a bit of fun of how outdated my phone was, I suggested that we both drop our phones from chest height and see which one survives. My colleague wisely declined this challenge. Despite all the fancy new features of my friend’s phone, there was just no doubt that it was not as tough as the old Nokia. It’s fair to say that most phones on the market these days are fragile creatures, and if you’re clumsy like me, spending some money on a case could be better for the budget than replacing phones.  

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Customer Loyalty cards and budgeting

Customer loyalty cards actually annoy me. I’d rather retailers just make things a bit cheaper. They don’t tend to work on me as the benefits aren’t usually enough for me to change my shopping habits. If swiping a loyalty card provides some small benefit though and I’m buying something anyway, I’d rather swipe and get the free whatever, even though it’s not really free and is built into the price. Continue reading

Building a deck on a budget

I am currently building a deck on a budget, and discovered an excellent web based application to help at I tried a couple of these calculators but this one stood out by far. The range of details you can enter is extensive, including things such as the distance between joists, whether the stumps are round or square and how thick the decking board is. The most impressive thing about this deck calculator is that as you change details and hit calculate, it creates technical drawings of your deck. With this feature you can you can immediately see how a particular choice, such as housing a bearer into a stump, will change the design. The drawings are very clear with a view from directly above the deck and with a cross-sectional view.
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